Category: Restaurants

Asiana Garden = A

Asiana Garden, Chinese, Japaneses, Vietnamese

Address: 9116 Mendenhall Mall Rd

Phone: 907-463-3119

Taste: A

Cost: Cheap

Great Sushi

Juneau Pizza = A

Juneau Pizza

Address: 9342 Glacier Hwy

Phone: (907) 789-7070

Taste: A

Cost: Cheap

$8 something for 2 large slices…

Bernadette’s BBQ = A

Bernadette’s BBQ Filipino style

Address: Marine Way (Food Cart)

Phone: (907) 523-8062

Taste: A

Cost: Average

Great BBQ pork…

Coppa = B


Address: 917 Glacier Ave

Phone: (907) 586-3500

Taste: A

Cost: Expensive

Great homemade ice cream and sherbert, but…

Devils Hideaway = A

Name: Devils Hideaway

Business: Restaurant

Good Reviews: 1

Bad Reviews: 0

**Great Burgers, probably the best in Juneau.


Suwanne Cafe = A

Name: Suwanna Cafe

Business: Restaurant

Good Reviews: 1

Bad Reviews: 0

**Great food Good Prices