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Summit Realty = F

Name: Summit Realty

Business: Property Management

Positive Reviews: 0

Negative Reviews: 3

**The lady show me a apartment downtown, the carpet looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed for weeks. She said that it would be cleaned. I picked up the keys, the floor had been vacuumed but the carpet was dirty. I spent 2 days cleaning, the walls, bathroom, and rented a carpet cleaner and went over it twice. I ended up giving notice 2 month’s later. She did a walk through, didn’t say anything about the carpets. A few weeks later when I received my deposit back, $250 was taken out for carpet cleaning. I moved out at 3pm the day before, and saw the new people moving in the next morning. If she cleaned the carpets, it would a taken at least a day to clean. She robbed me $250, Don’t rent from her.

**She stipulates in the contract that the carpets have to be cleaned by a certain carpet cleaner upon move out….. They charged $2,100, and didn’t tell us the price until they finished!

**She kept my deposit more than 21 days (which is illegal), Then she tried to tell me that the carpet was damage. but I recorded it on my phone when i moved in and showed her. She will rip you off any way she can.